Watch now the webinar “Luxury Brand eCommerce solutions: protecting your products from fraud and building a transparent circular life cycle” created by LAB ID in collaboration with ClearSale that offers a global perspective of what is happening in the retail industry today.

Maurizio Turri and Marcello Gamberale talk about how to protect your brand from fraud, counterfeiting and returns using connected solutions.

URely is the solution created for all innovative brands that want to offer an excellent customer experience to their customers. By assigning a unique digital identity to items, the system tracks, stores and manages every stage of a product’s lifecycle, enabling full transparency from production to markets.

Combining URely with our customized NFC tagging solutions allows every stakeholder, from the supply chain to the consumer, to interact with a product, authenticate it and enable reverse logistics services to enable circularity.

To meet the challenges of today’s marketplace, whether you focus on sustainability, encouraging second-hand and recycling, or logistics efficiency, with a focus on returns management, or omnichannel engagement strategies, URely is the perfect ally for your brand.