Our experts and partners’ skills allow us to offer you a turnkey project or specific support only in the areas of your interest.


We guide you towards the most suitable integration solution for your project based on:

  • your level of experience with RFID hardware and software
  • your existing systems, if any
  • your network of suppliers and partners, if any

Digital brand protection platform URely

URely is the cloud platform for connected product management, specifically designed for innovative brands that want to offer an excellent experience to their digital consumers. By assigning a unique digital identity to each item we track, store and manage every moment of its lifecycle, promoting full transparency from production to consumption.

The combination of URely with our NFC tag solutions allows all stakeholders in the supply chain, right up to the consumer, to interact with the product, authenticate it and activate reverse logistics services favouring circular economy models.

Whether you are looking at sustainability by facilitating second-hand and recycling, logistics efficiency, especially in returns management, or an omni-channel approach to the consumer, URely is the ideal ally for your brand.


To make your warehouse and all logistics operations more efficient, we have developed RAINOS ONFLY.

This easy-to-implement operating system is based on a set of algorithms that control the flow of the reading process to create high-performance tunnels.

The use of these algorithms makes it possible to use less shielding and increase the speed of conveyor belts, while maintaining high reading accuracy for high-speed RFID tags.