NFC 13,56MHz and NFC forum compliant technology is more and more widely used and new interesting applications spring out everyday.
With our NFC inlay portfolio we want to offer high quality, up to date and versatile products. Our NFC inlay can be delivered as wet inlays or stickers. They can be pre­encoded, encoded and printed, if required. They are a perfect fit for smart advertising, authentication, brand protection.
Thanks to NFC technology it is possible to interact with the user/customer in a completely new, innovative and direct way. At the same time the technology is more secure than QR codes or barcodes, as the content of the NFC tag can be protected by a password.
Common uses for NFC inlays are:

  • Ticketing
  • Payment
  • Loyality
  • Access
  • Security
  • Label
  • Card fidelity
  • Transport

Have a look at our complete NFC inlay portfolio. For questions or doubts, feel free to contact our sales office at sales@lab­

Android smartphones with NFC sold in 2014


Source: IHS inc.


93% of Android’s smartphone have NFC

Source: IHS inc.

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