NFC Starter Kit

NFC Revolution is just a tap away!

Try our NFC tag starter kit, discover the potential of near field communication technology and have fun!

Let you and your customer live a unique experience by tapping with your smartphone and access to the future, the real IOT.

In collaboration with NXP, LAB ID has prepared an NFC tag starter kit addressed to anyone interested in discovering the vast possibilities of NFC.
The kit includes high quality, up to date and versatile products and can be used by anyone, no matter if you use the Android or iOS platform.

There are in total 25 tags inside, all based on NXP Semiconductor’s tag ICs, NTAG® and ICODE® (NFC Forum Tag Type 2/4/5).
Five different models of tags to unleash your creativity and revolutionize the Internet of Things (IoT).

The most common applications for the NFC tags are product authentication, counterfeit protection, exclusive consumer experiences. But there are no limits to your imagination…

Thanks to NFC technology it is possible to interact with the user/customer in a completely new, innovative and direct way. At the same time the technology is more secure than QR codes or barcodes, as the content of the NFC tag can have different level of security and protection.

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The kit will be soon available to purchase by Farnell website.

Revolution is just a tap away… don’t miss it!

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