When we talk about technology innovation within business processes, we often hear about RFID. RFID technology, especially in the retail sector, is growing more and more: according to a recent Accenture research, 80% of retail brands say that the benefits of RFID technology in the retail sector cannot be replaced by any other technology. 

LAB ID case study

LAB ID’s experts have been carrying out RFID projects for fashion, retail and luxury brands since 2008, according to the client’s needs. 

The Maliparmi project has been realized in collaboration with our partner Phloema, an Italian consulting company specialized in innovative and technological solutions. Thanks to the RFID labels customized and manufactured by LAB ID in the production plant in Bologna, and to the advanced management software developed by Phloema according to the customer’s needs, Maliparmi was able to create a connection between fashion and digital. The innovation that RFID technology has brought to the well-known fashion brand has allowed the brand to be more efficient with its end customers. 


RFID technology is the ideal solution to make the supply chain more efficient and bring the quality of service to high levels. 

In fact, the products manufactured by Maliparmi are all equipped with an RFID label, to which a unique code is associated. The application of LAB ID RFID labels allows to associate a unique identification code to each item, which can be read in a massive and fast way. This technology allows therefore to realize fast and more frequent inventories, and facilitates the phase of withdrawal from the warehouse operators. Moreover, thanks to RFID technology, it is also possible to improve the quality of the service offered to the end-consumer: thanks to the unique identification, in fact, it is possible to perform a double quality control on the goods shipped, thus avoiding any kind of error during the preparation phase.

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