RFID UHF tags are becoming more and more popular among businesses: maybe you already have heard of them! 

LAB ID offers you a wide range of tailor made RFID UHF tags, that helps you in make the most of this amazing technology.

But what does “customized tag” really mean? 

Discover in this video how we realize complete tailor made UHF tags, based on your needs and specific application. 


Our working method is based on a consulting approach: since we work on dedicated projects, we do not have a product catalog. 

Anyway, we would like to show you some of our products, and that’s why we selected among our portfolio the LAB ID UHF most requested tags: fill the form below and download the brochure! 

If you can’t find the right tag for you among the most requested UHF tags, don’t worry: schedule an appointment with our expert and we will support you in the design of your specific product.