Dual Frequency (NFC&RAIN) inlays; I am a DJ…

LAB ID introduces a new line of Dual Frequency inlays. Like a DJ mixing the music and genres to create a unique style, LAB ID is offering in one product the advantages of both NFC and RAIN technologies.

The new products based on EM Microelectronics EM4423 IC are single-chip inlays compliant with NFC and RAIN RFID standards.

They are a perfect fit for product authenticity and brand protection. At the same time they can successfully handle supply chain and stock inventories.

These inlays, in fact, combine the functionality of two technologies; RAIN RFID for long–range applications and NFC for proximity uses. All this in one IC with common unique ID and shared memory.

Our new Dual Frequency inlay line includes four products with various dimensions.Those optimized for retail use, DF426DF4426 as well as a bigger one DF105 and very small B34 designed for identification of tiny items without compromising on performance. Combining the two technologies helps optimising production and logistic processes, enhancing visibility of goods, reducing out of stock and keeping your data safe. The same tag offers new marketing and business opportunities through an innovative and direct connection with end users thanks to NFC.

The new Dual Frequency inlays are available in wet inlay format or labels. Our Service Bureau, as for any other of our products, offers the added value service of RFID encoding/ printing and data handling according to customser’s requirements. Thanks to the introduction of this new line of products, LAB ID is able to offer an integrated solution, traceability and authentication.

SylwiaDual Frequency (NFC&RAIN) inlays; I am a DJ…