New Tag

New best-in-class RFID tagging

In a bid to offer erroless treceability and anti-counterfeit, we developed a new series of UHF, high-performance tags.

UH601, is the evolution of UH600 family, with its reduced dimension allows to tag very small items such a rings, watches and jewellery in general. But also medical smallware, pharmaceutical blister packaging and other containers.

Why do they make a difference?

The heart of the tag, NXP Ucode 7 or EM Microelectronic ICs. They deliver best-in-class RF performance. The new UH601 (30x10mm) series is more sensitive compared to the previous family and offer longer range performance, a few meters, which considering the size of the antenna is an excellent result.

UH601, is a particular tag, developed after a detailed study of today’s challenges regarding the most demanding RFID application such as inventory, supply chain efficiency and anti-counterfeit of luxury goods.

The new tags are available in wet inlay format. They can also be delivered as labels, customised in terms of materials, RFID encoding and printing, if needed. Infact, LAB ID offers accurate and high speed RFID encodig/tag inizialization service, which with the new UH601 series becomes even faster.

davideNew best-in-class RFID tagging
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RFID enabled waste management

LAB ID has introduced a new UHF tag optimised for intelligent waste collection & management applications.

INSKYL2-G2IL (54x18mm) has a dipole configuration but a small dimension. The product is based on NXP U-Code family chip (G2IL), a new generation IC that offers sensitivity and high performance.

Thanks to its frequency profile and radiation pattern, the tag shows excellent results when applied to disposable tags. It is particularly indicated to be utilised in low cost – high volume projects.

Laboratory tests and first in field applications confirm high efficiency in anticollision (multiple tags in a roll of bags read) with middle range handheld devices.

wplabidmasterRFID enabled waste management
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