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RFID for GREEN | 2020: the LAB ID’s green year

RFID for GREEN | 2020: the LAB ID’s green year!


Green technologies are becoming a priority for many companies, an ethic duty for our future generations and a new way of thinking business in terms of circular economy.

LAB ID is willing to contribute in building a greener world: the effects of climate changes are conspicuous and that’s why our commitment for 2020 is to reduce our ecological impact.

In accordance with his almost 20 years approach, LAB ID is designing green solutions tailored to custom applications and requests, to achieve the well-known worldwide quality and unbeatable results.

The launch of the first ECO inlay families is the first step in this direction. In cooperation with our key suppliers, customers and technology provider, LAB ID has introduced new innovative products and technologies, to turn decisively to a green product portfolio, without compromising product quality and performance.

New RAIN and NFC products are already available to start first evaluations, prototyping and massive productions.


The path to green technology has just started: follow LAB ID in this journey and contact us to have more information and consultancy!

Valentina BraidaRFID for GREEN | 2020: the LAB ID’s green year
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Dual frequency: play with frequencies and get more from your tag!

As we can see every day, digitalization of information is surrounding us. Digital technologies are growing in importance, mainly because of their use in IoT and their power to improve customer experience. End users ask for a more user centric-experience and companies try their best to satisfy this wish. Moreover, a significant emphasis is placed on tracking and secure authentication. These market trends lead companies to look out for new solutions(,) that can improve their offer of goods and services.

The dual frequency tag is one of the best solutions to all these needs: the combination of NFC and RAIN RFID allows companies to have a brand-new, powerful tag that puts together the advantages of the two technologies.

The new evolution of the dual frequency is based on the new EM Microelectronic chip echo-V. With shared memory and the single chip em|echo-V the dual frequency technology is fully EPC Gen2v2.0.2 and NFC Type-5 compliant.

The plus of the new em|echo-V IC are:

  • Superior user experience based on increased NFC reading distance, thanks to the ISO 15693 interface
  • Crypto onboard (highly optimized AES-128 cryptographic)
  • State-of-the-art RAIN (RFID) radio frequency performance


What are the benefits of theLAB ID‘s dual frequency tag?

It combines supply chain functionalities with seamless NFC consumer engagement and web authentication.

  • It enables secure authentication thanks tothe redirection digital platform made by LAB ID
  • It supports consumer privacy management
  • It allowseasier encoding (using both interfaces)

Ask more to your tag: try our dual frequency tag!

Valentina BraidaDual frequency: play with frequencies and get more from your tag!
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LAB ID @ RFID and Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2018

LAB ID will be present at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2018 event, which will be held at the Darmstadium, Darmstadt (Frankfurt), on October 30th and 31st 2018.

It will be an opportunity to present and discuss the new products and solutions:

Come at STAND # 2 and discover:

  • the new NFC inlays for the Brand Protection, the Dual Frequency tags (NFC + RAIN RFID), the anti-tampering solutions, the new NXP Ucode8 products
  •  the solutions for the Brand Protection, the service bureau and the “Tunnel on Fly”

We will be present with our partners CAEN RFID, specialist in UHF reader, and Extronics, supplier of wireless products for hazardous areas.

If your project is for fashion and luxury, industrial, smart city, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, you will find a solution for your needs.

daria.rivabenLAB ID @ RFID and Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2018
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NFC tag starter kit

LAB ID in collaboration with NXP has prepared an NFC tag starter kit addressed to anyone interested in discovering the vast possibilities of NFC.

The kit includes high quality, up to date and versatile products and can be used by anyone, no matter if you use the Android or iOS platform. For more details click here. The kit is now available at


SylwiaNFC tag starter kit
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LAB ID @ RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017

Come & visit us at RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017, taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany on 27th and 28th Sept. 2017

This can’t-miss event is a perfect occassion to discover and experience the latest trends and developments in RFID identification.
We will be presenting our NFC tag tamper, dual frequencies products as well as the latest development ; RAIN RFID tags based on NXP  UCODE 8.
We will be exhibiting together with our partners CAEN RFID and Wintag.

See you  in Dusseldorf ! You will find us at booth #31

SylwiaLAB ID @ RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2017
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Dual Frequency (NFC&RAIN) inlays; I am a DJ…

LAB ID introduces a new line of Dual Frequency inlays. Like a DJ mixing the music and genres to create a unique style, LAB ID is offering in one product the advantages of both NFC and RAIN technologies.

The new products based on EM Microelectronics EM4423 IC are single-chip inlays compliant with NFC and RAIN RFID standards.

They are a perfect fit for product authenticity and brand protection. At the same time they can successfully handle supply chain and stock inventories.

These inlays, in fact, combine the functionality of two technologies; RAIN RFID for long–range applications and NFC for proximity uses. All this in one IC with common unique ID and shared memory.

Our new Dual Frequency inlay line includes four products with various dimensions.Those optimized for retail use, DF426DF4426 as well as a bigger one DF105 and very small B34 designed for identification of tiny items without compromising on performance. Combining the two technologies helps optimising production and logistic processes, enhancing visibility of goods, reducing out of stock and keeping your data safe. The same tag offers new marketing and business opportunities through an innovative and direct connection with end users thanks to NFC.

The new Dual Frequency inlays are available in wet inlay format or labels. Our Service Bureau, as for any other of our products, offers the added value service of RFID encoding/ printing and data handling according to customser’s requirements. Thanks to the introduction of this new line of products, LAB ID is able to offer an integrated solution, traceability and authentication.

SylwiaDual Frequency (NFC&RAIN) inlays; I am a DJ…
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New small NFC inlay, IN710

LAB ID presents a new small dimension NFC inlay, fully compatible with NFC Forum Type 2 and ISO/ IEC 14443 Type A specifications.
IN710 is designed to get the most advantage of NXP high capacity ICs; NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216.
It is the smallest among our NFC inlays, diameter only 15mm, and for this reason extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications requiring small footprint without compromise on performance.

Depending on the version of the NTAG chip, the tag offers 144, 504 or 888 bytes user memory and password protection to prevent unauthorized memory operations. Thanks to its fast read capability, it is possible to scan the complete NDEF message with only one FAST_READ command.

Our new small NFC tag is already used in an important project for product authentication. Other possible target uses include brand protection, smart advertising, vouchers and any other NFC application requiring tiny-sized tags with best-in-class performance.

IN710 is already available in volumes. It can be delivered in dry inlay, wet inlay or label. As usual, we also offer an additional service of fast and accurate RFID encoding ( pre-encoding ) and /or printing.

SylwiaNew small NFC inlay, IN710
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New UHF Gen2 inlays based on Impinj Monza R6

LAB ID is presenting a new series of UHF Gen2 inlays equipped with the latest next generationImpinj Monza R6 tag chips.

The new product line includes 6 models with different dimension, starting from standard dipole format through to a new small format (30×18 mm), in attempt to address apparel retailers’ growing demand for accurate data delivery and reliable, cost effective item level identification.

Thanks to innovative features included in Monza R6 chips, such as AutoTune which adjusts automatically tag performance to best readability possible, and Integra technology that ensures accuracy of the data captured, the new inlays offer robust performance and improved read reliability for large tag populations.

The new product line is designed to get the most of the innovative characteristics of the IC in order to develop efficient RFID identification systems in apparel at different levels, different applications.

UH106 and INSKYL6 are meant for applications requiring high reading distance, such as carton, pallet tagging to help streamline identification in supply chain.

UH114 is a perfect solution for small items such as fashion accessories, cosmetics.

UH426, UH4411_6 and SKL4020_6 are very versatile and can be easily introduced in different apparel categories.

All new products are available in wet inlays or paper labels. As always, our effort is to offer flexible solutions. All our products, including the new line based on Monza R6 chips, can be customised in terms of materials used or printing and /or RFID encoding.

davideNew UHF Gen2 inlays based on Impinj Monza R6
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More UHF inlays in full production

Two new UHF inlays INSKYL7 and UH4411_7 in full production. Both inlays are available either with NXP’s UCODE7 or EM Microelectronic EM4126 and EM4124 and are already successfully used foritem level tagging in several existing apparel applications.

INSKYL7 (54x18mm) offers solid performance and is a great solution for logistics. It also fits the size of most of the hang tags commonly used by apparel manufacturers. Therefore, it can be easily integrated with existing systems enabling efficient item level identification, improving inventory accuracy and item visibility throughout the supply chain.

UH4411_7 (44x11mm) is an answer to all those item level applications requiring good read range but where the dimension of the inlay is a determinant. It was designed to work in enviroment with high density of tags and it guarantees accurate read operations also when numerous tags are placed close one to another, as when tracking garment.

Both inlays are available in dry, wet inlay format as well as in labels. Dimension of the labels and face materials are highly customizable. As for any other of our inlays, also for these two products, LAB ID offers additional services such as RFID encoding, variable data printing and matching.


davideMore UHF inlays in full production
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LAB ID presents new NFC tag , IN610B

The new product derives from the successful and much appreciated by our customers previous version,IN610, deployed by several fashion companies as a key element to their customer’s experience in store and not only.

The design of the antenna of the new tag has been modified in orders to enhance performance and render the tag even more stable. Most importantly, it has been optimised to get the most of the ICs currently available so as to offer a valid and flexible solutions to the ever-growing NFC market.

Smart posters, peer to peer communication, customer fidelity programs, e-ticketing and virtual shopping are merely some examples of NFC applications, which considering the current mobile and contactless infrastructure are bound to increase. In fact, it is estimated that the NFC market will grow exponentially over the next few years.

Our new product, IN610B, is very small (18mm diameter) and versatile. It can be easily used for smart advertising, brand protection and authentication in general. It is compatible with a variety of ICs, with different memory size, and has already become one of the top selection for numerous NFC applications.

IN610B has been optimised to be read with any smartphone equipped with an NFC reader.

Our current offer includes tags with NXP Mifare Ultralight, Ultralight EV1 and NTAG 212/210. However, the new product is also available with other Mifare family ICs (Classic and Desfire).

IN610B is available in wet inlay format, but is can also be supplied in PP or PET label, suitable for TT printing, upon request. As usual, also for this product, LAB ID guarantees a wide series of value added services including RFID encoding and variable data printing.

davideLAB ID presents new NFC tag , IN610B
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