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Strategic consulting dedicated to your application

LAB ID mission is to support companies in the implementation of RFID technology, by offering customized products and solutions that meet the needs of our customers.
Each client has specific needs, and the LAB ID goal is to find out the right solution for everyone.

In order to give you the best support, we need to know details about your needs, your problems and your project: tell us more and we will find the best RFID solution for you!

In over 18 years LAB ID has enriched the product portfolio and developed innovative solutions based on the latest RFID trends in order to offer prompt and valid answer to the increasing demand for high-end RFID products, in most market area.

Valentina BraidaStrategic consulting dedicated to your application
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Which configuration fits you better?

The brand new dual frequency tags can be configured in multiple ways: your tag can be adapted to different uses, in order to enjoy the potential of the IC. You can therefor think to different applications! LAB ID experts have chosen two standard configurations for your free samples, to give you the opportunity to test in a preliminary way the innovative functionalities of the technology.

      1. ESSENTIAL configuration
        The ESSENTIAL configuration is the perfect configuration to test the functions of the dual frequency. The combination of RAIN RFID for supply chain management and NFC for consumer engagement and brand protection applications, allows companies to have a brand-new powerful tag that puts together the two technologies on a single chip, with a common UID and shared memory. Choose the ESSENTIAL configuration to enjoy the benefits of the DF.
      2. CRYPTO configuration
        The CRYPTO configuration adds the crypto function to the ESSENTIAL features. The crypto funcion is mandatory for the web authentication and the brand protection applications. Choose the CRYPTO configuration to explore the web authentication features, with crypto protection in a dual frequency tag.

Choose how do you want to receive your tags!

In order to receive your free samples, you have to choose one of the proposed configurations. 

Download the leaflet of the available configurations: 

Are you sure about which configuration you prefer? Tell us your choice here.


Valentina BraidaWhich configuration fits you better?
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Discover the brand new dual frequency LAB ID sample tags

Order your brand new dual frequency LAB ID free sample tags based on the new latest generation of EM Microelectronic RAINFC integrated circuits


Discover the power of dual frequency technology for your project! 

Get your free samples of the new dual frequency tags: you will receive a box with your samples ready to be tested.

Which sample tags will you receive in your box?

You’ll receive the following tags:

You can find the products details HERE.

Send your request until the 31th of October 2020!

Order your free samples here.


Valentina BraidaDiscover the brand new dual frequency LAB ID sample tags
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