LAB ID is a MIFARE Advanced Partner

LAB ID has been granted the status of a MIFARE Advanced Partner. It is assigned to companies that have proven outstanding support of activities of the MIFARE eco-system over several years in close cooperation with the NXP MIFARE team.

Our MIFARE applications include a vast number of ticketing/public transport projects all around the world as well as access control, smart event management and innovative solutions for gaming and multimedia experience.

This is an important acknowledgement that confirms LAB ID has the know how and experience necessary to offer expert support and be a valid partner for any of your MIFARE applications.

SylwiaLAB ID is a MIFARE Advanced Partner
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New small NFC inlay, IN710

LAB ID presents a new small dimension NFC inlay, fully compatible with NFC Forum Type 2 and ISO/ IEC 14443 Type A specifications.
IN710 is designed to get the most advantage of NXP high capacity ICs; NTAG213, NTAG215 and NTAG216.
It is the smallest among our NFC inlays, diameter only 15mm, and for this reason extremely flexible and suitable for a wide range of applications requiring small footprint without compromise on performance.

Depending on the version of the NTAG chip, the tag offers 144, 504 or 888 bytes user memory and password protection to prevent unauthorized memory operations. Thanks to its fast read capability, it is possible to scan the complete NDEF message with only one FAST_READ command.

Our new small NFC tag is already used in an important project for product authentication. Other possible target uses include brand protection, smart advertising, vouchers and any other NFC application requiring tiny-sized tags with best-in-class performance.

IN710 is already available in volumes. It can be delivered in dry inlay, wet inlay or label. As usual, we also offer an additional service of fast and accurate RFID encoding ( pre-encoding ) and /or printing.

SylwiaNew small NFC inlay, IN710
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NFC tags as certificate of authenticity

After “Golem“, NFC equipped graphic novel, we are proud to announce that our NFC tags are now being used in a different book, this time extremely particular one, BBook.

What is so special about BBook? It is simply an alternative and modern way of interpreting the idea of a book. It was developed by a group of creative people with very different backgrounds; in publishing, art design and IT. They created a new book collection, which is more a piece of art rather than a simple book. The volumes are spherical in shape and built of some of the most precious woods in the world. The heart of the object hides a printed parchment.The titles selected for the first collection are true milestones, from Abbot to Caroll, Macchiavelli, Shakespeare, Throreau and Dante.

The BBooks are meant to be unique, precious and unrepeatable items. They are produced in a very limited edition and numbered. In order to safeguard the uniqueness of the object an Italian company Mazelab, developed an ACS (Anticounterfeit system) based on NFC tags supplied by LAB ID. After a series of mechanical stress tests, the tags were successfully incorporated in every sphere. The tag is equipped with NXP Mifare Ultralight EV1 chip. It contains information about each BBook and serves as highly reliable certificate of authenticity. All you need is your smartphone to read it.
After successful use of NFC tags to create innovative guided tour in The Ambrosian Art Gallery in Milan, featuring masterpieces of Leonardo, Caravaggio, Botticelli, Raffaello, LAB ID is proud to participate in this new exciting project that combines, art, design and technology.
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SylwiaNFC tags as certificate of authenticity
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